* “Location, location, location may determine success in real estate, but the factors within our control as sellers are marketing, staging and pricing. 

We had a home that was beautifully designed by a renowned architect for his mother, but it was somewhat dated, limited by the number of bedrooms, and situated in a spot that would not appeal to some buyers.   The home featured some superb design aspects, large rooms, natural lighting, and a comfortable flow that is uncommon in modern homes.   Although it was magnificently staged and, with the help of our real estate agent, priced perfectly to sell, we knew that our marketing efforts would be lost without photography that would convey the home’s unique aspects and convince potential buyers to explore the property beyond the first internet hit.   

With little fuss, Mycah Schrader captured the essence, flow and unique beauty of the period architecture of the home in a matter of hours.  We believe it was her stunning photography that caught the buyer’s eye, with the home selling at the best price it could command in just a few days.  The most effective money we spent on marketing the property was hiring Mycah. Working with her was a pleasure, and not only did her artistry help create a marketing success, but we can thank her for helping make the real estate process less painful, and for having her photos as a lasting tribute to a home we loved. ”  -Steve Smith (homeowner)

* WOW! I am so happy I get to wake up to beautiful photos! My clients will be so happy!  – Amanda D. (real estate agent)


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