The Second Day: filmaker – Brook Peters

Young New York native and filmaker Brook Peters,
did an eye-opening documentary
about the kids of 9/11.
For more details and to see the film, Go to:
Official Site:

It was so Amazing to meet Brook, a talented young filmmaker who filmed and created the documentary “The Second Day,” an account from a child’s perspective of what it was like to see 9/11 at, along with the struggles he has endured. ¬†Yet thru this, connects the human spirit, and he takes a look at how people can overcome the struggles and move forward in a positive way! He has also been doing some incredible stuff in NYC – including more recent films for veterans, as well as scouting out new locations for future projects. I am so excited for what is to come for this young budding filmaker, and humanitarian!

Many ‘Thanks’ to Brook and his mother for coming out to meet with me to do these photos!